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Germa Bloc – Never Be Without It

Effective Hand Sanitizer!

Germabloc is your protection against coronavirus and yet so affordable that you won’t even believe it!

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We care about your health!

We deliver directly to your doorstep and ensure that you get the protection you deserve without exposing yourself to unnecessary danger.

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Place The Order:

To start, just place an order of your desired amount of hand sanitizer at our website.

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Receive The package:

We’ll deliver it at your doorstep, just go outside and pick it up without any exposure.

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Stay Safe

Use hand sanitizer whenever you need it without any worry because you’ll get gallons of it!

Why Germabloc?

We keep you safe with Germabloc because we actually care about your health!

Keeps Your Hands Clean

Covid-19 is primarily spread by touching your face with infected hands. With hand sanitizers, you can eliminate that path of transmission.

Stay Safe

We know how hard it is to get a proper supply of hand sanitizers, that’s why we’re bringing it right to your doorstep—no need to take any unnecessary risk by going out

Locally Made

We’re proud New Yorkers and make our own sanitizers that follow the guidelines set by CDC. We’re making them in bulk, so no New Yorker runs out of them.

Economical Package

Hand sanitizers are becoming awfully expensive, but we’re keeping the prices at a minimum with our monthly package. You get a monthly supply of one gallon and 32 ounces of hand sanitizer for just $89.

Quality Matters

We’re working day and night to produce the best quality hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol content that’s required to kill the coronavirus.

Soft Hands

Alcohol can cause your hands to dry. That’s why we add Aloe Vera oil to our hand sanitizers, making them skin-friendly by keeping your skin moisturized.


Kills all the germs, including Novel Coronavirus in just 20 seconds.


With great smell, you will enjoy applying our Germabloc while protecting yourself from Covid-19.


Without putting a burden on your budget, get gallons of hand sanitizer enough for months to come.


Harsh on germs, mild on the skin. Your skin will feel even softer with our Germabloc.


Fill up any bottle you want and carry it with you with convenience.


With everything, you will protect your family without any hassle.


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Germa Bloc 32oz


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Germa Bloc 1 Gallon

$49.00 / month

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Economical Hand Sanitizer!

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Providing Essential Solution To Essential Workers.

New York has become an epicentre of COVID-19, with more cases emerging each day. One effective way to curb the spread is social distancing. However, that’s not a feasible option for essential workers who have to perform their duties, so the whole society doesn’t collapse. Hand sanitizers are a quick and easy solution that can save them from getting the COVID-19. That’s why we’re making hand sanitizers for fellow New Yorkers who are working amid this pandemic.

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Easy and Effective Protection

This cannot be stressed enough that you need to stay at your home if your work doesn’t require you to be outside. This is crucial in saving lives. However, you need to get your supply of hand sanitizers. You may need it the next day or the day after that, and you may end up taking the risk of going outside. We won’t let that happen. We’ll deliver an ample quantity of hand sanitizers to your doorstep, by ample amount we mean gallons!


See what our customers have to say about Germabloc.


I was relieved that I found them in time. They have helped me protect myself in these trying times while I keep working.

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I couldn’t leave my work and can’t afford expensive hand sanitizers. So I’m really glad that they’re providing affordable hand sanitizers in bulk

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I’m protecting my family from Covid-19 by using Germabloc and will continue doing so even after the pandemic is over. They’re extremely affordable, and I highly recommend them.

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Some simple answers to your usual questions!

Will I get COVID-19 if I go outside?

The answer is a little complicated. Coronavirus isn’t airborne, but you can be infected by touching surfaces that have it and then touching your face without washing your hands. You won’t get coronavirus if you don’t touch anything, clean your hands with hand sanitizers, and stay away from people.

Can I go to the kitchen after applying the hand sanitizer?

If you’re going to light a fire under your stove, wash your hands first. Our hand sanitizers have 70% alcohol content, required to kill the bacteria, and it can catch fire very easily. So wash your hands with soap before going to the kitchen.

What does your monthly package cost?

Our monthly supply of 32 Oz of hand sanitizer comes at a low price of $19.99. This should be enough for the whole month, even if you’re using hand sanitizer frequently.